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Plexus Tidbits

1. Plexus set out to do it differently and we’ve succeeded. We designed our own compensation plan which pays in ELEVEN different ways!

2. Our comp plan actually allows you to rank faster than those above you (very unusual in the network marketing industry). And we actually provide products – great ones that people want to take daily and forever to maintain good health.

3. We are Internet/social media driven, so no parties, inventory or product deliveries are necessary (thank goodness)!

4. There’s not a single person on Planet Earth that couldn’t benefit from at least one product in our line (our probiotic and multivitamin are the best of the best).

5. Our LOWEST ranked ambassadors can make $500+ per month (highest ranked – the sky is the limit).

It is time you forget everything you “think” you know about MLMs and network marketing and give Plexus a chance to change your health and your finances like it has mine!

trisha tick disease

Why I Love and Promote Plexus

I was taking a scroll through my FB news-feed and in just minutes I’ve seen people that are sick, people that are working on weight loss goals and people who are looking for jobs or got laid off.

Guys this is WHY I share Plexus!

I’ve found something that can help in all 3 of these areas. Friends, I’m going to keep sharing these life changing All Natural Plexus Products & it’s Amazing opportunity because I truly do care about you and I really enjoy helping others.

#WatchMeOrJoinMe #ThisIsABetterWay


Medical Disclaimer

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.


trisha tick disease

Junk Food and Your Health

I love what Helen McFadden, former Weight Watchers Leader says:

“When I was a WW Leader we used to talk about the VALUE of health & priorities all the time. I would remind my members that a pineapple costs the same as a bag of chips. No excuses!

So when I hear people say “Plexus is too expensive” but they are feeling miserable because they still drink soda & eat junk….c’mon now

This is what I preached as a Weight Watcher Leader….and what I continue to shout from the rooftops as a Plexus Ambassador!”

trisha tick disease

Plexus is So Different from All the Others

Don’t confuse Plexus with other companies…
This is why we love what we do and the products we have!

Truth: We don’t have an energy drink…we have a pink drink that helps maintain healthy blood sugars, helps curb sugar and carb cravings, and helps with energy without pumping you full of stimulants. And now we have an energy supplement that doesn’t have the crashes from the crazy amounts of sugars or caffeine, and it is natural and clinically tested.

Truth: Our growth is not skyrocketing because of weight loss pills; it is because we have products – like a probiotic that is incredibly effective and restores proper intestinal balance. We also have a magnesium supplement that oxygenates the entire body and cleanses the gastrointestinal tract. One of the awesome side effects of both of these is weight loss.

Truth: We don’t have an overwhelmingly large supplement line…we have 16 power-packed products that are plant, vitamin, mineral and herb based and contain ZERO artificial sweeteners, GMO’s, dyes or toxins.

That is what Plexus is about! It is about WELLNESS, about feeling good again, and about living your life to the fullest!

#bestdecision #healthandhappinesscompany #HappyGut #HappyGirl


trisha tick disease

Plant Based Nutrition –

Weight is NOT the problem.

The underlying cause of what is triggering the excess weight IS the issue.

It’s not a magic pill or a simple solution because it is not ONE thing that has caused the enormous obesity epidemic and widespread health issues we are seeing in America today. The struggle is a result of poor eating habits, stress, lack of nutrients even though we are eating plenty of kcals, and toxins that can snowball into gut health issues, unstable blood sugar, and swelling in the body.

I am so thankful to have a GET WELL WHOLE BODY HEALTH system that has worked for me and so many others! And guess what often happens when you get your body balanced….ding, ding, ding….weight, fat, and/or inches come off as well!



I never knew healthy could feel so good!!??

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Beating Flus – Colds – Allergies




I have seen so many posts from various companies promoting weight loss. The last thing we need are more weight loss systems, weight loss products, or weight loss companies. We need a GET WELL system.

Weight is NOT the problem.

The underlying cause of what is triggering the excess weight and so many other common ailments IS the issue.

It’s not a magic pill or a simple solution because it is not ONE thing that has caused the enormous obesity epidemic and widespread health issues we are seeing in America today. The struggle is a result of poor eating habits, stress, lack of nutrients, and toxins that can snowball into gut health issues, unstable blood sugar, and inflammation.

I am so thankful to have a GET WELL system that’s working for me and so many others.

trisha tick disease

Flintstone Vitamins versus Plexus Chewable Kids Vitamins

Hesitating to try x-factor vitamins for your kids bc you are worried that they aren’t FDA approved? Did you take Flintstone vitamins as a kid or give them to your kids? Guess what?

They aren’t FDA approved either nor are Any supplements or vitamins! But even worse, they contain Aspartame and artificial coloring.

Ours do not. The choice really is that simple.

trisha tick disease

Transformation – Erin Aikey Story

Eight years ago today I began a journey to take back my health. I was a 350lb food addict. Food had been my crutch for as long as I could remember but it wasn’t until Jan of 2009 that I faced the truth of the matter and that truth was that I truly had an addiction. I thought weight loss surgery was the answer and Jan 14 2009 I had gastric bypass. I don’t regret it but that surgery did zero for the addiction and left me with a host of other long term health issues like malabsorption, iron deficiencies, never allowed to have ibuprofen, and blood sugar crashes that were so dangerous. I went to therapy for my addiction and it was a wonderful step. I became passionate about nutrition and went back to school to become a dietitian.

As soon as I broke my back and couldn’t run, old habits crept in and terrible stomach issues from the meds and weight came back quickly!

Not until Sept 2013 when Plexus came into my life did I truly discover what a balanced gut and balanced body felt like. My supplements give me the tools to say no to sugar and junk and give my body the probiotics and magnesium and other things we need to be healthy.

It’s been a rough few years with breaking my back and multiple surgeries and not being able to run anymore, but I can truly say as I drop these last 50 lbs and slowly get back into exercise, that I can’t imagine where I would be without Plexus. Every doctor praised these products as I sat in the hospital this past spring battling pseudomonas and then through fluoroquinolone toxicity. I should have been so much sicker based on the lab numbers.


This isn’t about getting myself to “skinny” it’s about treating my Body like a temple and being as healthy as I can be and sharing that with others. I choose to be healthy and glorify God through my body and to NOT treat it like a garbage dump ever again. It’s hard and we all slip up, but it can be done. With these amazing supplements, my body can get what it needs to stay healthy and balanced.

2017 is MY YEAR! I am determined to beat the FTS and eventually run again. Thank you God for this entire journey- the pretty and the not so pretty. Never again will I go back to being the girl in these photos

trisha tick disease

Get the Edge – Natural Energy – Plexus


WithOUT Sucralose, Aspartame, Synthetic Caffeine, Artificial Dyes?…

It IS possible to have natural, clean energy without all of those crazy chemicals. Energy & Focus, oh yeah!

Side Note: It tastes super yummy, too.

#NoJitters #NaturalEnergy #IncreasedFocus #SustainedEnergy #MentalClarity

trisha tick disease

Diets Do NOT Work Long Term

The number of diet books in the bookstore is overwhelming.

I wish people could see that DIETS DONT WORK.

Without making changes to lifestyle and exercise and eating habits, nothing will ever keep weight off long term.

Use healthy tools to help you make better eating choices, use healthy vitamins and supplements your body needs like our Plexus Tri Plex, and have a partner to keep you accountable.

These are all healthy ways to get to your goals, but they require you doing your part. There is no magic cure! We must learn to eat balanced healthy meals that have lots of whole low
Sugar and low carb foods. DUMP THE DIETS!!!

trisha tick disease

Excuses Are Killing Your Future

You don’t have TIME? Plexus helps to MAKE TIME!

You don’t have the MONEY? Plexus can help you MAKE MONEY!

You don’t have the SUPPORT? You’ll never find more SUPPORT than you’ll find with our team!

You’re too BUSY with work? Plexus can help you BE DONE with your traditional job!

Seriously! Turn your excuse in to your reason for giving this a go. Excuses only take you so far!


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Motivation from Sarah Taylor – Plexus Diamond

Diamond Sarah Taylor

As you think about follow up and IPAS, keep this in mind!!

Diamond Ambassador Sarah Taylor shared this and I want you to take a few minutes to read this!

“You can’t start a fire without a spark.” -Bruce Springsteen

I want to let you guys in on a little secret about building momentum….

I always say that momentum starts and stops with YOU, the leader of your business, the CEO 🙂 But what does that mean?

A constant topic I am asked about is how to create momentum. The truth is, momentum starts with a spark within you. The desire to move into action. A lot of times we sit around expecting someone on our team to light that spark, when in reality we are fully capable of doing that ourselves. We pray, we hope, we wait for someone to come along and explode our business. For someone to join our team and Fast Start, for someone else to jumpstart us into momentum.

But we are the match! We need to get moving ourselves to ignite that spark. We need to be the person that “joins” our team and explodes it. Once that happens, you will be AMAZED at how quickly that spark turns into a blaze.

Let me give you an example based on my journey. When I started Plexus I started in ACTION. I RAN, and I mean SPRINTED my first 6 months. I spent every day in action, every day pouring myself into this new business, seeking out knowledge, posting, talking to people, taking my products, working out, drinking my water, watching training videos, researching, self led studies on what network marketing was and how to be successful at it. I was determined and I KNEW I would succeed. NO ONE could shake my belief, and boy did I have some try.

When I hit Ruby I did not have a SINGLE Gold ambassador on my team. I had a good amount of Silver Ambassadors, but I wasn’t sitting around and waiting for “someone” to explode my team after I hit Gold, I just kept going, business as usual and didn’t focus on my lack of Golds. I knew that if I was to be successful, I needed to build my team wide, I needed to be my own “rockstar”. When I hit Sr. Ruby I finally had a Gold on my team.

My first Jewel ambassador (Amy Mick Welch) didn’t even join my team until 13 months into my Plexus journey. She joined my team the month I went Sr. Ruby. My Second Jewel, (outside of my husband) Amanda Ruppel Grubb, didn’t even make her first Plexus post until 11 months into my journey, but she had already been on my team for around 9 months.

I’ll tell you what, that base team I built of level 1 Ambassadors just here for the discount, that base team that got me to Ruby? They eventually turned into ROCKSTAR runners. (Amber Perry, Ashley ‘Bouillion’ Marcelle, Hilary Heinrichs, Lauren Cloud, Melissa McGrew Bonesteel, Amber Stephens, Libby Policky, Ashley Martin, Melissa Beltz-Harris, Amanda Grubb, Stephanie ‘Dodd’ Bangs were all on my team at that point, and still are) I didn’t know it, but I had already built a dream team, even though nothing seemed to be exploding.

Slowly that spark started to catch fire, and the more they saw me run, more of my friends caught the vision, caught the spark and started to run with me. Suddenly person after person that had been with me all along started ranking to Gold, Sr. Gold, Ruby, Sr. Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. What if I had quit at Ruby when my personal momentum slowed? What if I allowed my set back, my points loss to stomp out my spark? I kept going through the valley and came out on the other side.

What it took was unwavering consistency to action, unwavering belief, a firey vision, and eventually that spark caught fire. But I NEVER stopped building, I never stopped showing up, I never stopped attending events. I KNEW I was going to do this, I knew I had to do this, so I never stopped.

If you are Silver, Gold, Sr. Gold, Ruby, Sr. Ruby and you have those thoughts running through your head, those expectations that someone should be “running” with you……Stop it! Blinders on and just keep running! You likely already have them with you, they just haven’t caught hold of your spark yet.