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Weight Loss – Erica

Another awesome Plexus Testimonial! Y’all, Plexus is not just about #weightloss It is a natural bi-product of getting your gut balanced and healthy! But man, am I so excited and happy for Erica!!
Erica says ~ 6months and down 63lbs. For the majority of the time I only took slim and 2 accelerators every morning and tried to drink half of my body weight in ounces of water daily. For the past month I have added in bio cleanse and pro bio 5. I try to watch what I eat but have not been on a strict diet. I didn’t do any exercise at first but have walked 1-2 times a week for the last 2 months.
Plexus is just simply amazing!!!

Plexus Weight Loss - Erica

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trisha tick disease

Plexus Compensation Plan Breakdown


For EVERY person that YOU personally enroll as an AMBASSADOR:
⏩You get $25 when they purchase the $99 kit
⏩You get $50 when they purchase the $199 kit
⏩You get 5% of their sales over 100pv
⏩You get 5 points per person
πŸ’ŽFor anyone that signs on your level 1-3 you get 5 points

**IMPORTANT: You only earn points on someone once they get 100 in personal volume besides their welcome kit)

βœ…4th level= 4 points
βœ…5th level= 3 points
βœ…6th level= 2 points
βœ…7th level= 1 point

You get points by you sponsoring people and when your team brings people into the business also! This is the only way we earn points

The points average $3.00 PER point and they accumulate. You get paid on the same points over and over and only lose them if someone quits or does not reach 100pv for the month

⏩When you sponsor 3 people you reach SILVER & get a $100 Bonus
⏩When you get 100 points you reach GOLD & get a $250 Bonus
⏩At 250 points you reach SENIOR GOLD & get a $350 bonus
⏩At 500 points you reach RUBY & get a $500 bonus
⏩At 750 points you reach SENIOR RUBY & get a $750 bonus
⏩At 1500 points you reach EMERALD & get a part of the emerald pool! At this level you also get a Plexus Lexus and a YEARLY trip to Maui!!!
⏩At 3,000 points you reach SAPPHIRE & get a part of the sapphire pool
⏩At 4,500 points you reach DIAMOND & get a part of the Diamond pool

βœ”The company only requires us to have $100 a month of personal volume to be active, SO EASY! Your products that you order for yourself go towards this amount. Anything that you order to sell outright to customers goes toward your volume, and anything that people order from your website goes towards your volume.

When you place an order, You will see your cost and you will also see a pv (personal volume) amount.

The pv amount is how much personal volume you get for ordering that particular product.

πŸ’ŽCOMMISSION: Guess What? Any volume you have over the first $100 will earn you a commission check!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

⏩If you have $101-499 you will get a 15% commission check on your personal volume
⏩If you have $500+ you will get a 25% commission check on your personal volume.

πŸ’ŽCUSTOMERS have the option of joining as a preferred customer on your websites! THEY get a discount AND Every preferred customer order will give YOU a bonus on your check each month when they ship!


Yep you get a $500 Lexus allowance & trip to Hawaii when you earn EMERALD!
Reach DIAMOND ♦ earn a Lexus allowance of $1,000 and a Diamond trip