She has 7 Children and a Bus – But Earning ??? with Plexus

I’m SO happy for my sweet friend Amy Paul !! It was awesome to share the stage together at #supersaturday and launch the Success from Home magazine! Amy AND her hubby are both Diamonds in Plexus.

*Oh and they have 7 kids
*Oh and they live in a bus
*Oh and they homeschool those kids
*Oh and look at the Annual Income statement below to see what a Diamond actually makes for helping friends get healthy. Holy WOW!

2017 is going to be a Huge year for Plexus. Who’s ready to jump on the Pink Train with us??

“Pretty crazy walking into #barnesandnoble and seeing ourselves in a magazine!! #plexus is the best company to work for ever! Our family saw an opportunity and took it… it changed our lives.” Amy

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