What’s the difference between #Miralax and Biocleanse??? The answer will shock you!

First off… Biocleanse is NOT a laxative OR a cleanse, as most believe!! Miralax contains polyethylene glycol – the same #poisonous chemical used in the antifreeze in the radiator in your car!!! It’s a small enough dose that it will not kill you, thank goodness. But STILL!!! That is plain scary! Do you know people that take Miralax? If so, you NEED to tell them there is a better way! Plexus BioCleanse offers a safe & natural solution!!

BioCleanse uses an oxygenated form of Magnesium (magnesium ascorbate (google it!) which not only alkalizes your blood and cells, but it regulates your bowels. Magnesium is an essential mineral our body NEEDS that MOST people are deficient in. (Statistics say 80% are deficient! Google magnesium deficiency to see common symptoms).

Magnesium + Vitamin C = happy body.
#BiocleanseForTheWin #DoNotUseMiralax #TummyTroubles #Constipation #GutIssues #ChooseAHealthyOption #DoYourResearch #DontGiveYourKidsPoison!!