90 Days Naturally – Let Your Body Heal From the Inside Out

Remember… ANYTIME you start ANY natural products you need to give it a MINIMUM of 3 months!

On top of those 3 months, if you have struggled with a particular issue, you need to add 1 month for every year you have lived with this issue.

If you have dealt with it for 6 years, then you need to add 6 months to the 3 months, which ends up being 9 months.

From nurse practitioner, Kim Mortenson – I’m so #sad for people who #quit after 1-2 months and say that Plexus didn’t work. ?? But let me be real for a minute… I almost stopped at 2 months because I wasn’t seeing huge changes. I hadn’t realized or noticed all the small subtle changes happening in my body and forgot to celebrate my small victories.

But thankfully, my friend said no way Kimberly YOU WILL NOT QUIT and we sat down together and added up all those #SMALL subtle changes like no naps at lunch, no more Ambien, no more Ibuprofen, no more 100 oz of Diet Coke and happier moods and I realized My health really was improving!!

All of these things came at different times and slowly and I had to realize it was all good. I am so thankful I KEPT GOING!!! It isn’t a #magic solution…it’s a #tool. Plexus products don’t #cure anything, what they do is balance #bloodsugar, improve #guthealth and reduce #inflammation! #Trifecta. ?? Once you wake up the sleeping #giant (aka your #immunesystem) that’s when things start happening! If your body needs to #clean house, then LET IT! When you clean your house, you usually are #sweaty and #tired by the time you’re done. That’s the same way it works many times when taking natural products. It’s a good sign!

Some see great results within days and some up to 8-9 months! If you have been #sick or #overweight for a long time, then it will take more than 30 days to get well again. Take the products consistently every day, drink your #water and start cutting out the junk from your diet and you will be on your way to better health. If you want to see changes in your health than #decide and #commit to the journey! Everyone is different but everyone can #succeed with these amazing #plant based #supplements #God has given us.