The Best Probiotic Anywhere ! Plexus Pro Bio 5

Have you ever wondered why store probiotics have 10+ billion live organisms OR why they require refrigeration?🤔 
And, then you ask why Plexus ProBio5 “only” has 2 billion and doesn’t require refrigeration?
Why is this?

Most store-bought probiotics need a larger count per capsule since many of the organisms die off before they even leave the store shelf. The remaining activate and die as soon as they touch the heat and moisture of your mouth. This means that a large portion of the organisms are already dead before they even reach their destination (The Gut).

Plexus ProBio5 contains freeze dried organisms and our capsules are designed to breakdown once they reach the pH of the gut. Then, they go to work! Special enzymes help digest your food, kill the bad bacteria, and then all 2 billion strong strains of good bacteria take over. I love the fact that my probiotic is designed to work!! I never knew how important it was to take a probiotic before plexus and now I can’t believe I waited so long.


EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE ON A PROBIOTIC… Why not take the best one out there:) Let me help you heal your gut with Plexus.
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