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One YEAR of Plexus – Total Life Transformation

Does Plexus really work they ask .. Just read what it has done for me and you be the judge.

No more High Blood Pressure √
No more High Cholesterol √
No more Acid Reflux √
No more Seasonal Allergies √
No more Sinus infections √
No more Sinus Headaches √
No more Upper Respiratory Infections √
No more Bowel Issues √
No more Sugar Cravings √
No more Soda Addiction √
No more Mouth Ulcers √
No more Brain Fog √
No more Afternoon Naps needed √

Energy that never ends √
Sleeping like a baby √
Great moods √
Losing weight & inches √
Feeling like a young 25yr old √
Desiring/Craving healthy foods √
Drinking a gallon of water per day √
Financial outlook is bright √

**** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Yes, I’m a new man!!
And I love it 😉
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trisha tick disease

Plexus is So Different from All the Others

Don’t confuse Plexus with other companies…
This is why we love what we do and the products we have!

Truth: We don’t have an energy drink…we have a pink drink that helps maintain healthy blood sugars, helps curb sugar and carb cravings, and helps with energy without pumping you full of stimulants. And now we have an energy supplement that doesn’t have the crashes from the crazy amounts of sugars or caffeine, and it is natural and clinically tested.

Truth: Our growth is not skyrocketing because of weight loss pills; it is because we have products – like a probiotic that is incredibly effective and restores proper intestinal balance. We also have a magnesium supplement that oxygenates the entire body and cleanses the gastrointestinal tract. One of the awesome side effects of both of these is weight loss.

Truth: We don’t have an overwhelmingly large supplement line…we have 16 power-packed products that are plant, vitamin, mineral and herb based and contain ZERO artificial sweeteners, GMO’s, dyes or toxins.

That is what Plexus is about! It is about WELLNESS, about feeling good again, and about living your life to the fullest!

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trisha tick disease

Beating Flus – Colds – Allergies




I have seen so many posts from various companies promoting weight loss. The last thing we need are more weight loss systems, weight loss products, or weight loss companies. We need a GET WELL system.

Weight is NOT the problem.

The underlying cause of what is triggering the excess weight and so many other common ailments IS the issue.

It’s not a magic pill or a simple solution because it is not ONE thing that has caused the enormous obesity epidemic and widespread health issues we are seeing in America today. The struggle is a result of poor eating habits, stress, lack of nutrients, and toxins that can snowball into gut health issues, unstable blood sugar, and inflammation.

I am so thankful to have a GET WELL system that’s working for me and so many others.

trisha tick disease

Use Plexus to Make Money for Your Favorite Charity

I joined Plexus Worldwide to help, not only provide for, my furkids but also to raise funds for my Project “Adopt Me TV” and other rescue ventures.

Many folks are raising wonderful amounts for their various charities as well as helping contribute to their family’s financial situation.

If you have a few moments I can send you a quick video to watch and see if it is something that could benefit you and your heart for helping the furkids in need.

Promise it is definitely worth it.

trisha tick disease

A+ Rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Arizona

Can’t get much better than an A+! So proud!  Plexus Worldwide 2016

Scottsdale-based Plexus Worldwide, a leading direct-selling health, wellness and weight management company, has announced that it has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, the highest possible ranking a business can achieve with the organization.

Better Business Bureau ratings represent the nonprofit organization’s opinion of how a business is likely to interact with its customers, using information from public feedback and data sources, according to a press release.

The ratings are based on 13 main categories, including complaint history, the amount of time in business, transparent practices, government actions, and more.

“We have worked extremely hard to promote top ethical practices at every level of the company, and we are so proud that the BBB has taken notice and deemed Plexus Worldwide worthy of this A+ rating,” said Tarl Robinson, CEO of Plexus Worldwide, in the release. “We are still a relatively new company and experiencing phenomenal growth every year, and it remains a top priority to delight our customers and continue to earn the trust they have placed in us.”

In 2016, Plexus Worldwide was recognized by The Phoenix Business Journal as Arizona’s fifth fastest growing privately-owned company in Arizona. This is the second year in a row Plexus Worldwide has placed in the top five fastest growing companies, the release stated.

Plexus was also recognized as the No. 13 largest privately held business in the state, moving up one spot from last year.

The Scottsdale Independent is available for free every Wednesday.

trisha tick disease

Salon and Spa – Secondary Income Potential

Salon and Spa Owners Secondary Income Opportunity

Plexus is a perfect secondary income opportunity for salon and spa owners. You have clients every day who can benefit from these amazing products. Hair, nails, skin, female issues or weight loss.


You can make money even when the clients are not in your chair. Monthly residual income will make a huge difference in your life.


AMY PAUL Plexus Amabassador in a magazine Jan 2017 Barnes and Noble

She has 7 Children and a Bus – But Earning ??? with Plexus

I’m SO happy for my sweet friend Amy Paul !! It was awesome to share the stage together at #supersaturday and launch the Success from Home magazine! Amy AND her hubby are both Diamonds in Plexus.

*Oh and they have 7 kids
*Oh and they live in a bus
*Oh and they homeschool those kids
*Oh and look at the Annual Income statement below to see what a Diamond actually makes for helping friends get healthy. Holy WOW!

2017 is going to be a Huge year for Plexus. Who’s ready to jump on the Pink Train with us??

“Pretty crazy walking into #barnesandnoble and seeing ourselves in a magazine!! #plexus is the best company to work for ever! Our family saw an opportunity and took it… it changed our lives.” Amy

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