Why Your Diet is NOT Working

June’s issue of TIME Magazine will remind us all of the years we were frustrated with the latest “diet” to get us to our ideal #weight! Ever notice why it worked for someone else and not you?


That’s because no two bodies are alike – and what research has uncovered now is a common theme about our gut health – for everybody!


The article showed how Weight Watchers started up, how the Biggest Loser was a real loser by putting contestants through the unrealistic workouts and ridiculous low calories for all the exercise they were doing – only to gain it all back after the show!


…and if you are still playing with calories in-vs-calories burned equation – you will be greatly disappointed! Health researchers tossed that theory out a LONG time ago!


Wow – what I would have done to know about this research of gut health years ago!
However, today is now.


Today, we know, that GUT HEALTH is finally being researched and better understood. Autoimmune diseases start in the gut. #Stress magnifies it. We can do something about it NOW.


We can’t even blame genetics anymore.


Gut health goes way back to your patterns. It is not what you ate yesterday but the pattern of what you have eaten and meds you’ve taken to get your gut in the condition it is as a result. We have all eaten things we probably shouldn’t have – however, what are you doing to clean out your gut ?


That is where PLEXUS products come in. GIVE THEM TIME!


Plexus’ patent on new products that address #micobiome supports this article. It states how the microbiome – which is trillions of bacteria that live inside and on the surface of the human body – may be influencing how the body metabolizes certain foods.


I am proud to say, FINALLY, after chasing the dream product for years, Plexus is the company to address these issues!


It’s not a weightloss scheme or a fad diet…Plexus can help you GET HEALTHY! Don’t forget about the 60 day money back guarantee…you won’t need it, but it is there.


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