Eczema – Toddler – Probiotics

Please note this cannot be shared publicly since our products are not labeled for children or eczema. But, if you know someone this could help, feel free to share privately . . Remember, you could be the vessel that God uses to answer someone’s prayer!!!

Kristen Lunford shares:

“My daughter had horrible #eczema starting at about 6 months old. We took her to numerous doctors and they all told us that there was not much they could do to stop the eczema. They said it just happens to some kids and they usually just eventually outgrow it. They gave us several #prescriptions of different #creams to help ease the eczema but none of them worked. We tried bathing Abby less. We tried bathing Abby more. We tried bleach baths. Still none of that worked. Abby was on a strict #diet of no nuts, eggs, dairy, wheat or soy and still that didn’t work. I had read where #probiotics could help with eczema so I bought one at the store and that didn’t work. I hated seeing my little girl scratch herself bloody every day from being so irritated from the eczema. I had started taking some Plexus products and heard that the Plexus Probio5 was different than other probiotics. I had no idea that all probiotics were not the same! Within one week of Abby taking the ProBio5 her eczema was GONE! It’s amazing to see her beautiful smooth legs! It’s so nice to let my little girl wear skirts, shorts and dresses and not have to cover up her legs because she is scratching so bad! Plexus is different! It does work! (Oh and a couple of times we ran out of ProBio5 and Abby went a couple days without taking it and you could see patches of eczema coming back! We make sure we never run out anymore!!!)”