Gerald Hice Testimonial 2017

Well, I can’t believe it’s been 2 years year already. And what a 24 months it has been. On this date January 8th 2015 I took my first Plexus product, Plexus Slim. At that time there was absolutely NO WAY I could foresee how this little packet of pink powder was going to completely transform my life/health.

The picture below is an accurate representation of what my life was like before Plexus. Now I don’t need nor take ANYTHING but my Plexus products and I feel amazing. All my health issues are Gone! I sleep like a baby, I’ve got energy that lasts all day, I’ve lost over 60lbs and a lot of inches (which is a side effect to my body getting healthy on the inside), my 3-5 Dr Pepper a day soda addiction is gone. I now drink a gallon of water a day.

I’m a new man & I love it!!

On top of all this my financial outlook has never looked brighter. In fact if all continues the way I foresee it going I will be able to retire very soon.

I thank God everyday for blessing me and Benita with these life changing products.
And to think … When starting Plexus I only wanted to come off my Blood Pressure medicine … Lol

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