Kristi White Plexus

Monday Motivation….this one goes out to those that “can’t afford it”.

Kristi shares:

“See that first photo? That ancient looking trailer? My husband and I were in a very bad financial place. We were very fortunate to have the option to move into that trailer home on the family’s ranch. It was the trailer that his mother let the ranch help live in. She was going through a bankruptcy and had to let the ranch help go. We were so grateful for that roof over our heads. That trailer was pretty run down, had a hole in in the floor that you could see the ground, green shag, pet stained, carpet, and came complete with roaches.(This is the ONLY photo I have of that trailer.)

Did I complain? No. I made it as cozy as I could. I did not invite anyone over. I was rather embarrassed. I think Bonnie Davenport and Lisa LeBlanc Jordan may have been the only ones who ever saw the inside. On a regular basis my husband would cut and haul cedar to the cedar mill to make some extra money. (He made approx. $70 a ton)

Around the same time, I used my childrens’ small college fund ($4500) to open a cafe in town. Thats me in the pioneer dress sitting outside. We went into debt and my husband sold almost everything of value to try to keep the doors open. About 6 months into owning the cafe, Damon’s Mom was able to sell a large portion of the ranch and was able to loan us the money to get a new trailer. A very nice trailer I may add.

On Dec. 24th 2013, we closed the doors to the cafe. Nothing left to sell and I was burnt out.
My husband was earning a small income from the ranch. Enough to cover some but not all of our expenses.
I waited in line for an hour, monthly, for food from a food bank. (If you have ever gotten food from a food bank, you know you get what you get. There is no choice.)
I was scared, broke, hiding from bill collectors and desperate for a change.

On Dec. 27th 2013, I was looking into food stamps on my computer. My husband saw this and said, ” NO way. We will be fine.” I went to bed that night crying and praying for a break!
The very next day an acquaintance reached out to me about Plexus. I rolled my eyes and told her I was burnt out on direct sales companies. There was no way I was going to get “suckered” into another one. Plus, I didn’t have any money to join.
She proceeded to tell me no inventory, no home parties, no monthly fees and only $34.95 to start my own business. I had a strange feeling in my heart. So, I decided to take a leap of faith. I joined for $34.95 and that left .17 cents in my bank account. I did NOT tell my husband. He learned about plexus when I had my first auto deposit opened up on the computer. He saw it over my shoulder and asked what that was. “Oops… Honey I joined a company called Plexus. That is my first check.”

My first month I made enough to cover the grocery bill for a family of 5 AND purchase the plexus products I wanted to try. By month 11, I went Emerald. Six month later, I went Sapphire. One year after that, I went Diamond. *see income chart in photos.

I am sharing this with you in hopes it will help.
Was it easy? No. I had neigh sayers and negative nellies.
I only had satellite internet and had to go to the library during the day to use internet. We did not have cell service and no home phone.

Was it worth it? What do you think?
With a little faith and grit, you can achieve anything!
If you are in a bad place, stop focusing on where you are. Get up and do something about it!
If I can do it, you can too.”
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