Motivation from Sarah Taylor – Plexus Diamond

Diamond Sarah Taylor

As you think about follow up and IPAS, keep this in mind!!

Diamond Ambassador Sarah Taylor shared this and I want you to take a few minutes to read this!

“You can’t start a fire without a spark.” -Bruce Springsteen

I want to let you guys in on a little secret about building momentum….

I always say that momentum starts and stops with YOU, the leader of your business, the CEO 🙂 But what does that mean?

A constant topic I am asked about is how to create momentum. The truth is, momentum starts with a spark within you. The desire to move into action. A lot of times we sit around expecting someone on our team to light that spark, when in reality we are fully capable of doing that ourselves. We pray, we hope, we wait for someone to come along and explode our business. For someone to join our team and Fast Start, for someone else to jumpstart us into momentum.

But we are the match! We need to get moving ourselves to ignite that spark. We need to be the person that “joins” our team and explodes it. Once that happens, you will be AMAZED at how quickly that spark turns into a blaze.

Let me give you an example based on my journey. When I started Plexus I started in ACTION. I RAN, and I mean SPRINTED my first 6 months. I spent every day in action, every day pouring myself into this new business, seeking out knowledge, posting, talking to people, taking my products, working out, drinking my water, watching training videos, researching, self led studies on what network marketing was and how to be successful at it. I was determined and I KNEW I would succeed. NO ONE could shake my belief, and boy did I have some try.

When I hit Ruby I did not have a SINGLE Gold ambassador on my team. I had a good amount of Silver Ambassadors, but I wasn’t sitting around and waiting for “someone” to explode my team after I hit Gold, I just kept going, business as usual and didn’t focus on my lack of Golds. I knew that if I was to be successful, I needed to build my team wide, I needed to be my own “rockstar”. When I hit Sr. Ruby I finally had a Gold on my team.

My first Jewel ambassador (Amy Mick Welch) didn’t even join my team until 13 months into my Plexus journey. She joined my team the month I went Sr. Ruby. My Second Jewel, (outside of my husband) Amanda Ruppel Grubb, didn’t even make her first Plexus post until 11 months into my journey, but she had already been on my team for around 9 months.

I’ll tell you what, that base team I built of level 1 Ambassadors just here for the discount, that base team that got me to Ruby? They eventually turned into ROCKSTAR runners. (Amber Perry, Ashley ‘Bouillion’ Marcelle, Hilary Heinrichs, Lauren Cloud, Melissa McGrew Bonesteel, Amber Stephens, Libby Policky, Ashley Martin, Melissa Beltz-Harris, Amanda Grubb, Stephanie ‘Dodd’ Bangs were all on my team at that point, and still are) I didn’t know it, but I had already built a dream team, even though nothing seemed to be exploding.

Slowly that spark started to catch fire, and the more they saw me run, more of my friends caught the vision, caught the spark and started to run with me. Suddenly person after person that had been with me all along started ranking to Gold, Sr. Gold, Ruby, Sr. Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. What if I had quit at Ruby when my personal momentum slowed? What if I allowed my set back, my points loss to stomp out my spark? I kept going through the valley and came out on the other side.

What it took was unwavering consistency to action, unwavering belief, a firey vision, and eventually that spark caught fire. But I NEVER stopped building, I never stopped showing up, I never stopped attending events. I KNEW I was going to do this, I knew I had to do this, so I never stopped.

If you are Silver, Gold, Sr. Gold, Ruby, Sr. Ruby and you have those thoughts running through your head, those expectations that someone should be “running” with you……Stop it! Blinders on and just keep running! You likely already have them with you, they just haven’t caught hold of your spark yet.