Plexus Tidbits

1. Plexus set out to do it differently and we’ve succeeded. We designed our own compensation plan which pays in ELEVEN different ways!

2. Our comp plan actually allows you to rank faster than those above you (very unusual in the network marketing industry). And we actually provide products – great ones that people want to take daily and forever to maintain good health.

3. We are Internet/social media driven, so no parties, inventory or product deliveries are necessary (thank goodness)!

4. There’s not a single person on Planet Earth that couldn’t benefit from at least one product in our line (our probiotic and multivitamin are the best of the best).

5. Our LOWEST ranked ambassadors can make $500+ per month (highest ranked – the sky is the limit).

It is time you forget everything you “think” you know about MLMs and network marketing and give Plexus a chance to change your health and your finances like it has mine!