MTC Medications and Prescriptions

☕️ Drinking coffee does not fix the cause of your fatigue
💩 Taking laxatives does not fix your constipation
🍞 Avoiding gluten and lactose does not heal your intolerance.
🌲 Allergy remedies do not eliminate the source of your cause.
💉Taking Ibuprofen for chronic pain and inflammation does not address why you are hurting in the first place.
💊Taking a sleeping pill does not get rid of why you can’t sleep in the first place
😳 Taking anxiety meds does not fix why you’re even having anxiety to begin with
🙅♂️Using special lotions and body washes does not fix your dry, itchy, patchy skin.
🎉What does? Getting to the ROOT cause!!!
In many cases – many, many cases… that involves blood sugar imbalance, gut health &/or inflammation. Work on the cause instead of masking the symptoms!
If you are MASKING symptoms in these ways, Plexus is calling your name!