Transformation – Erin Aikey Story

Eight years ago today I began a journey to take back my health. I was a 350lb food addict. Food had been my crutch for as long as I could remember but it wasn’t until Jan of 2009 that I faced the truth of the matter and that truth was that I truly had an addiction. I thought weight loss surgery was the answer and Jan 14 2009 I had gastric bypass. I don’t regret it but that surgery did zero for the addiction and left me with a host of other long term health issues like malabsorption, iron deficiencies, never allowed to have ibuprofen, and blood sugar crashes that were so dangerous. I went to therapy for my addiction and it was a wonderful step. I became passionate about nutrition and went back to school to become a dietitian.

As soon as I broke my back and couldn’t run, old habits crept in and terrible stomach issues from the meds and weight came back quickly!

Not until Sept 2013 when Plexus came into my life did I truly discover what a balanced gut and balanced body felt like. My supplements give me the tools to say no to sugar and junk and give my body the probiotics and magnesium and other things we need to be healthy.

It’s been a rough few years with breaking my back and multiple surgeries and not being able to run anymore, but I can truly say as I drop these last 50 lbs and slowly get back into exercise, that I can’t imagine where I would be without Plexus. Every doctor praised these products as I sat in the hospital this past spring battling pseudomonas and then through fluoroquinolone toxicity. I should have been so much sicker based on the lab numbers.


This isn’t about getting myself to “skinny” it’s about treating my Body like a temple and being as healthy as I can be and sharing that with others. I choose to be healthy and glorify God through my body and to NOT treat it like a garbage dump ever again. It’s hard and we all slip up, but it can be done. With these amazing supplements, my body can get what it needs to stay healthy and balanced.

2017 is MY YEAR! I am determined to beat the FTS and eventually run again. Thank you God for this entire journey- the pretty and the not so pretty. Never again will I go back to being the girl in these photos